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[18+ Episodic Story] Broken Virginity Episode 3
By on July 13th, 2021. 18+ Stories

Idehen Blessing Osasenaga

I kept my mouth shut and kept on working with my madam, she was very kind to me she was like a mother to me, she trusted me.

One beautiful Monday I was really sick my madam saw how unhealthy I was she told me to sit at home and she left for her shop, just then her daughter brought a guy home they did all that they came to do, due to the fact that I was sleeping in the parlor she sneaked into my room and put the used condom on the floor I didn’t notice because I was really sick then she and the guy left.

That evening, my madam came back from the shop and was looking for her charger she entered my room and saw the used condom on the floor she shouted my name Peace!!! I was scared what could be the problem I rushed to her and discovered a used condom in my room, I was trying to plead and tell her it was her daughter doing it but she didn’t listen her daughter too was putting fire that she didn’t trust me from the first time I came into their home, she asked me to leave and never come back she said a thing that pained me ” I didn’t know you are this cheap” the word made me cry and I vowed not to let any man sleep with me till my wedding night.

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I pleaded but it was in vain, that night I packed up my things and slept under the bridge, I was really scared I couldn’t sleep till the next morning, the next morning I continued my journey I saw a post on a wall “Caretaker Wanted” they were a phone number attached to the post, I didn’t have a phone I had to beg for people to help me with their phone then I dialed the number a guy picks up and ask who is this, I replied “good evening sir my name is Peace I called if the work is still available” he told me to come that same day he described the house and people assisted me in looking for the house when I got there that afternoon behold the house was heaven on earth

To be continued…..

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