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[18+ Episodic Story] Broken Virginity Episode 4
By on July 13th, 2021. 18+ Stories

Idehen Blessing Osasenaga

When I got to the house I knocked at the gate a gateman came and opened the door for me and he asked what was my mission I told him I came to apply for the care taker job, he called an house maid and told him to inform oga about her visit few minutes later she came out and we went into the mansion, she came again and told me oga said I should wait, I waited for 10min I was angry (is this how rich people behave) I said to myself just then a guy came out and shouted at me to get up from the chair he wasn’t dress, he wore a boxer so I challenge him not to shout at me, he was amazed at the way I spoke to him that anybody hasn’t talk to him that day, just then the house girl came out and said “oga this is the girl” I was ashame of myself how can u talk to the oga like that so I kneeled down and beg he told me to standup, after getting back myself I looked at him he wasn’t wearing a shirt but just boxer he was so handsome he was about 21yrs old, then he said hey you have you done this job before, then I answered him have not done it before but I can take care of people, then I introduce myself and everything he needs to know about me, he also introduce himself as “GODSTIME IFEANYI” but you can call me boss ” I was murmuring his ego was too much” he asked me what I said and I replied nothing.
He showed me my room, it was really beautiful, there’s a plasma TV, a beautiful bathroom, a wardrobe, etc, I arrange my things, then finally he showed me the person am going to be taking care of, he was a man of 50yrs he has an illness so he couldn’t walk he was seating on a wheelchair and my salary for a month is (70k) I was amazed at the mention of that amount I happily enjoyed my work there, the man took me like his daughter we were like father and daughter, whenever he needed somebody to talk he always talks to me.

To be Continued…..

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