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[18+ Episodic Story] Broken Virginity Episode 5
By on July 18th, 2021. 18+ Stories

Idehen Blessing Osasenaga

I enjoyed my work as a caretaker, the most wonderful experience I have ever felt.

Godstime looked at me as a common caretaker a dirty one at that he looked at me with a very bad eye he send me on different errands and called me a dirty girl but I didn’t send any body. I continued by work and ignore his attitude so as far as my money is paid.

One Monday afternoon as I was cleaning his room I saw condoms everywhere girls bra and pant for me not to loose my job again I threw it away in the dustbin and cleaned up the room after cleaning I went to get food for the old man he ate and was satisfied.

I cleared the place and took the plate to the kitchen just then I heard a noise coming from the sitting room I rushed down to the sitting room and saw the old man on the floor.

I quickly called the house girls and they called an hospital when he got to the hospital he was given treatment anf thank God he was getting better he was able to talk.

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Just then Godstime rushed in like a lion and thank God that he is brought to the hospital on time and my mind came down.

But before I knew it Godstime started attacking me calling me a fool am a dirty smelling village girl that I am the cause of what his father is going through.

I couldn’t explain tears dropped out of my eyes I ran out of the hospital his father calm him down and explain to him that he caused it himself he was trying to get the remote then he fell down so he became calm.

I had to bath and go to the hospital that night to stay with him while Godstime will sleeping at home.

I took my bath and was about to leave for the hospital when Godstime came home he wanted to talk to me but I don’t want to hear anything he wants to talk I left in a hurry.

To be continued…..

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