What’s The Difference Between Client And Customer?

I know you might be wondering about the difference between the two. A client and customer. There’re differences though, a huge one and below are few 👇

A client needs your services, while a customer needs your goods or products.

A client presents gifts to you at the end of the year for providing your services while you give customers gifts for patronizing your products.

A client is a graduate while the customer is a school drop out.
A client dey comes with vehicles while customers dey uses leg waka.

If a client is owing to you, you are confident they will soon pay, but if a customer is owing to you, payment dey under betting.

You can introduce your daughter to a client but don’t try it with customers. If the client gives your daughter belle marriage hope dey but if na customer gives your pikin belle, you’re finished kpatakpata.

What else do you know about a Client & a Customer?

What’s the Difference Between Client And Customer?

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