SERIOUS TALK!! With ₦400,000 Salary, Can You Live Anywhere In Nigeria Comfortably – How Much Is Your Ideal Salary?


Living in Nigeria and getting to live a comfortable life is a major problem facing every average Nigerian.

Many are even living on the minimum wage which some states are still yet to implement(₦30,000). Some are even living on ₦10,000 salary.

At the same time, we have people especially in places like Abuja and Lagos who live a standard life and earning salaries above ₦500,000, ₦1 million, and so on.

There was an uproar on social media when someone claimed that ₦400,000 salary can’t be enough to live a soft life in places like Lagos and Abuja. This has caused an uproar with some people claiming ₦400,000 salary is enough to live anywhere in Nigeria.

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I think the main problem here is living a comfortable life and soft life. Living a soft life is balling out and getting almost everything you want.

For me, If I can earn ₦400,000 in a place like Osogbo, na to dey live in a rush like shmurda.

So guys,

With ₦400,000 Salary, Can You Live Anywhere In Nigeria Comfortably?

How Much Is Your Ideal Salary?

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