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Best Blogging Tools For Professional Blogspot And WordPress Website
By on July 22nd, 2021. Technology

For your website to be like one of a professional, you get to get some tools. So today am going to list the best Blogging tools for professional Blogspot and WordPress website.

Blogging tools are those things you need on your website that will make your website to be easy for owners and users to use.

Although to fulfill the purpose of a professional website is not a day job but you gonna need some blogging tools that will make your website look like such.

We have many platforms whereby you can use for blogging but today am going to talk about the 2 (two) best platform which is Blogspot and WordPress 

Let me briefly tell you about those 2 best platforms for blogging

Blogspot and WordPress:

Both websites are used for the same thing, sharing of knowledge, experiences, or the latest news, create a unique and beautiful blog.

Blogspot websites are free but you have to buy hosting when you want to use WordPress

So let’s move to the best blogging tools for professional Blogspot and WordPress website

Tools for Blogspot Website:


To make your Blogspot website look like a professional website you have to buy a domain name from any of the companies listed below







Network Solution


Although we still have many websites which you can buy a domain name that is not listed here.

Website Theme or Template:

This is part of Blogspot website blogging tools, this is used for beautifying your website so that it can be like a professional website.

There are many platforms for getting your website this but few will be listed below and make sure the theme or template is in the .xml file









You can get different types of your Blogspot website niche template with those platforms listed above for free or by paying them.

Google Search Console:

This is also part of the tools for professional Blogspot sites. This is used for letting your post to display on google

And it is also used for checking your website performance, Insight on google

This tool is very important for every Blogspot user. Because without it, your post won’t be able to show on Google search engine.

Click here to use the tool.

Google Analysis:

This tool is very important to every Blogspot user, Check its uses below

Track Online Traffic.

Understand User Behavior.

Offline to Online Tracking.

Data Reports And Customization.

Improve Online Advertising With Marketing Analytics.

Improve Search Engine Optimization And Content Marketing.

Google Analytics Conversion Tracking.

Find Your Target Audience.

All above are the uses of Google analysis

Click here to start using a Google analysis account

Google Drive:

This tool is very important for those that their niche is entertainment or music download websites people know google drive as a place to keep files but did you know that you can use it to generate download links.

Google Drive can be used to generate download links for any file or music.

Click here to start using Google drive

There are some other platforms that you can use to generate download links but I can assure you that Google Drive is still the best for generating download links.

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This is part of the best blogging tools for the Blogspot website.

Canva is used for editing or creating images for your website post and to use that you can download it from Playstore or if you have a PC you can click here to download or use it online


This can be used for correcting errors when typing or when writing content on your website.

Click here to use the website tools

So this is all I can say on Best Blogging Tools For Professional Blogspot Website

So let’s move to WordPress Website.

Tools for WordPress Website:

Let me tell you the must need things that you must have on the WordPress site so that your website can be like a professional one.

Domain Name: Have listed some company above in which you can buy your domain from

Hosting: You can also buy your hosting from where you buy your domain name

Theme: You can search online to download your WordPress theme or you can message me on WhatsApp if you need anyone at a cool rate +2349056162643

Theme Editor: This is a plugin whereby you can use to edit your theme


If you have this already on your and you design it well your website can be like that of the professional one

WordPress has so many tools but I just have to list the most important one below

To Check WordPress website traffic use the below tools:

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights.

AFS Analytics.


Jetpack by WordPress.

WD Google Analytics.

WP Power Stats.


To Increase Your Website Speed Use The Below Tools:

WP Rocket: Click here to set up your WP-Rocket

WP Super Cache

ShortPixel Image Optimization: Click here to know how you can set up your ShortPixel


WP Imagnify

To set up your website SEO you will need some SEO tools which are listed below:

Yoast SEO

Rankmath SEO

All In One SEO



Rank Math.

Schema Pro.

For Keyword Research you will have to use the below tools:


Google Keyword Planner



Google Trend

For Redirecting your 404 pages you will need the below tools:

Download Redirection Plugin from your WordPress site

Rankmath Pro

Yoast Pro

‘There are still many redirection tools on WordPress Site which are not listed here but the one above are the best am many WordPress users use them.

We have some tools which I listed in Blogspot Tools that you can also use on WordPress

I will list them below:

Google Search Console

Google Analysis

Canva: For editing your photo or creating of photo

Thanks for taking your time to read about the Best Blogging Tools For Professional Blogspot And WordPress Website

If you will like to generate millions of traffic to your website click here

If you are stock in anywhere or you have any problem with the above information you can feel free to drop your comment below

You can also appreciate it by dropping your comment below


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