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Increase Your Website Speed With WP Rocket On WordPress Site
By on July 19th, 2021. Technology

Good day, guys did you also know that increasing your website speed can also help you from ranking top 1 from google search.

Google can’t put a slow site or page on top 1 and a slow site can’t rank on top page on google because it won’t let google be able to crawl through it fast.

So today am going to teach you how you can increase your WordPress website speed with this simple tool called WP-rocket.

How to Increase Worpress Site Speed With WP Rocket:

Step 1: Download the plugin “WP-Rocket” from your website and activate it

Step 2: After the activation let’s continue with the set-up

Go to the dashboard to check your plan and clear the cache but that is not what we want to do.

Let move on to the main setup of WP Rocket to increase your site speed:

Step 1: Click on Cache:

Move to Mobile Cache:

Activate the Enable Caching for mobile devices

Enable the Separate cache files for mobile devices

Move to User Cache:

If your user is to log in to your website

Activate the Enable caching for logged-in WordPress Users

And don’t activate it if your user doesn’t have to log in

Move to Cache Lifespan:

Set your Specify time which the global cache is cleared (0 = unlimited) to 10 hours

Step 2: File Optimization:

Move to CSS Files:

Activate the Minify CSS Files

Leave the Combine CSS Files (Enable Minify CSS Files to select)

Activate Optimize CSS Delivery

Move to JavaScript Files:

Activate the Minify JavaScript Files

Leave the Combine JavaScript Files (Enable Minify Javascript Files to select)

Activate Load JavaScript deferred

Enable the Delay JavaScript execution

Step 3: Media:

Move to LazyLoad:

Activate Enable for images

Click on Enable for iframes and video

Activate Replace Youtube iframes with preview image

Move to Image Dimensions:

Click on Add missing image dimensions

Move to Embeds:

Activate Disable WordPress embeds

Go to WebP compatibility:

Don’t activate anything there

Step 4: Preload:

Go to Preload Cache:

Click on the Activate Preloading

Enable the Activate sitemap-based cache preloading

Open another browser and search for “Your URL/sitmap.xml”

After it finishes loading the page copy the URL and pastes it on Sitemaps for preloading

Proceed to Preload Links:

Activate the Enable link preloading

Scroll down and click on save changes

Steps 5: Advance Rules:

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Don’t do anything in the advance rule

Scroll down and click on save changes

Let’s move to the next step

Steps 6: Database:

If you feel like clearing all your Revisions, Auto drafts, Trash Posts, Spam comments, and Trash Comments that when you will need this one

But is better you leave it for now

Steps 7: CDN

If your website is hosted is better you leave this although Cloudflare also help in increasing your website speed but don’t do anything and the reason is that if you connect your site to Cloudflare if you have any problem on your website that have to do with messaging the hosting company

They will tell you that they don’t know anything concerning the problem because your account is linked to Cloudflare.

So is better you leave it and proceed to the next steps

Steps 8: Heartbeat:

Activate the Control Heartbeat

Click on save changes

Steps 9: Add-ons:

This one doesn’t have anything to do with the increasing of website speed so is better we leave it

Steps 10: Image Optimization:

This Image optimization helps in increasing website speed a lot because all the images we have on the website stores somewhere so it makes our website heavy

So we have some plugins where we can use to do that and that plugin will help in reducing the files of our website image and those plugins are stated below:

Smush: To know more about Smush Click here

Imagify: Click here to know more about Imagify

ShortPixel: To get more information on ShortPixel Chick here

All listed above are best but I can advise you to use ShortPixel because the setup is very easy

So let’s move on to the next step

Steps 11: Tools

You can import and export your WP Rocket with these tools

So after setting up your WP Rocket You can check your site speed if it increases with the tools below:

Pingdom Tools: Click here to check your website speed

PageSpees Insights: Click here to check your website speed

After checking your website speed with the above tools am sure your website speed will increase

And if you have any problem with the above information you can drop the problem in the comment box below




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