“A Better Time” has been one of the most criticized albums in recent times. It’s almost like nobody except Davido fans like it.

And, it makes sense, you know. Davido is not an album person. He makes hits, bangers and badass guest verses, but that’s all he does.

His debut album, “OBO: The Genesis” compared to some other debuts from the last decade, is a disappointment. Then he has an EP that was commercially a failure.

A Good Time,” though kind of put OBO back on track in 2019, as it showed that if Davido put in a lot more effort in his albums, he’ll have better projects.

AGT remains his best album to date. That’s why it came as a surprise when he announced he’d be putting out a new album, just one year after his classic.

Maybe he had something special he’s bringing, would have been anyone’s first thought.

Because if you have nothing special, why are you dropping alongside WizKid and Burna Boy in 2020 for real?

Alas, “A Better Time” came and it wasn’t special. Not really. It was just a bunch of songs that would probably make good hits on good days, if Davido put them out as singles.

Really, the highlights were the collaborations. Davido had a couple big names of there; NasYoung ThugChris BrownNicki MinajLil Baby.

It was clearly star-studded. But even all that couldn’t save the album. Most of the songs on it just weren’t memorable and that’s it.

In comes a song like “Heaven,” very cool jam, a break from the Davido everyone knows. No noise, he’s just on some amapiano beat singing like he’s a foreigner.

Now even if you’re a WizKid fan or an Outsider, you can’t deny that “Heaven” sounds really good, and was one of the better amapiano jams from 2020.

Six months after the release of this album, people are starting to realize that there just might be gems on that album.

The other day I was on Twitter, and somebody said “Heaven” is indeed the best song on “A Better Time.”

For many people, that might seem far-fetched. But actually, it is not. “Heaven” has that heavenly vibe you can’t just explain. Davido got something right with that, no doubt.

But is it better than every other song on the album? FemJowoShopping Spree? Is it?

Let’s hear from you.

Is “Heaven” The Best Song On “A Better Time”?

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